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Hi, I’m Dan and as the H1 tag above implies, I have a scientific approach to SEO strategy.

What this means for you is that I base my recommendations on data. That is, looking at the SERPs, analysing what ranking pages are doing (and why Google is rewarding them), making changes, measuring the impact of said changes, before making a conclusion on whether something is effective (or not).

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My Latest SEO Insights

There is no shortage of SEO fluff out there. I promise you’ll find something worth implementing in each of my blog posts.

About Me & My SEO Methodology

During the day, I work for one the best SEO agencies in Sydney. Here I educate and coach small business owners and marketing managers so that they can maximise their SEO efforts.

Outside of work, I continue to work with a small number of private clients of my own. Doing this keeps me always up to date with what is happening in the world of Search.

I produce a podcast series called Make SEO Simple Again.

I’m invested in local SEO (GMB optimisation).

Local Viking GeoGrid report used for local SEO rank tracking

As well as organic SEO (ranking pages for a target keyword).

ahrefs graph output that shows a page's historical ranking across time for a given keyword

I’m a wizard at content strategy and I’m particular strong at getting your on-page elements (headings, page title, text, internal links) to get you maximum visibility in the competitive SERPs.

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Before I made the transition to digital marketing, I was a Sydney wedding photographer for 9+ years. During this period, I scoured the internet for SEO advice. Much to my disappointment, there was an abundance of misinformation.

For this reason, I began documenting things that I wish I would have come across when I was first learning the ropes of SEO. In particular, I have an actionable SEO guide for wedding photographers as well as a specific SEO tutorial for wedding videographers.

If you are a small business owner who wants to learn how to leverage SEO to increase online visitors and sales, stick around and read through my blog posts.

You will find guides that cover both theory and actionable tips on the following areas:

  • local SEO (Google My Business optimisation)
  • organic SEO
  • keyword research
  • SEO strategy
  • content strategy
  • on-page optimisation

In addition to this, I can offer you with SEO strategy, carry out comprehensive keyword research (based on your competitors), and general SEO consulting.

(Advanced) DIY SEO Course For Small Business Owners

SEO courses are a dime a dozen. So what makes my one the right one for you?

For starters, I’ve included an entire learning module for you to check out. I spent days putting this particular module together and it should give you a good indication of the quality of the course.

Designed for wedding photographers and other busy small business owners, the SEO Blueprint Training is modular in nature. Simply pick a learning module that describes your particular SEO problem.

By the end of my course, you will be able to:

  • formulate and carry out a SEO strategy specific for your business
  • carry out in-depth keyword research so that you may select relevant keywords to target and assign them to specific web pages
  • use Ahrefs and SURFER to understand why competitors are ranking for your desired keywords
  • review ranking competitors and replicate their success for your own website
  • use Ahrefs to gauge the feasibility of ranking for a keyword
  • use Clearscope to write optimised content for various types of pages (supporting content, landing pages, sales pages, pillar content etc)
  • use SURFER to extract relevant SERP insights and incorporate said findings into your on-page SEO
  • interpret your own Google Analytics and Google search Console data to help identify areas for improvement within your SEO campaign
  • know what is required to improve the visibility of any web page in the SERPs

Choose one or more learning modules:

Keyword Research: How To Get Started

Keyword research lays the foundation of your SEO campaign. In this module, you will learn how to do it properly and in the least amount of time.

How To Outrank Your Competitors By Stealing Their SEO Strategy

Outsmart and outrank your competitors. Access this module free-of-charge (no email opt-in or credit card required).

How Many Words Should I Write In Order To Rank?

Is it 300 words? Is 700 words enough? Or more? In this module, you will learn to use SURFER to get your own data-driven answer to this commonly asked question.

How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Business

Keyword research lays the foundation of your SEO campaign. Learn how to identify which keywords are the best suited for your business in terms of priority and feasibility.

How To Write On-Page Content That Will Rank (SURFER)

Using SURFER, take the guess work out of SEO copywriting.

How To Optimise An Existing Webpage So That It Will Rank Higher

Many of you will already have an existing website with content. In this module, you will use SURFER to analyse the competition and identify what areas of your on-page you should modify in order to gain better visibility.

What Type Of Content Should I Make?

Stop wasting time making content that Google doesn’t want.

Link Building: HARO Essentials (Updated)

Link building via Help A Report Out should definitely be on your to-do list if you want to increase your website’s Authority and Trust. In this module, you will know what to avoid when pitching to journalists and things you should include in every callout to get a better chance of being featured.

Link Building: How To Judge The Quality Of A Backlink And/Or Referring Domain

Not all links are equal. Some links can be downright toxic and bad for your website. In this module, you will use Ahrefs and your own judgement to determine the value of a link and it’s referring domain.

My Website Is Stuck On Page 2

Instead of trying everything under the sun and hoping for the best, learn how to use a scientific approach to unstick your website form page 2 to page 1 of Google.

My Rankings Have dropped

In the module, you will learn how to properly diagnose the source of traffic loss and loss in SERP visibility and how to resolve these issues.

Local SEO: Ultimate Google My Business Audit Checklist

If you want to compete in local SEO, 85% of your efforts should be invested in your GMB. With this Google Sheet template, you will know exactly what you need to focus on so that you can get your business to show up higher for local searches.

Complete SEO Blueprint Training

Save over $200 when you purchase the entire SEO course upfront. You will gain lifetime access to every single learning module (present and future).

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