Dan spends most of his weekdays working at Prosperity Media; one of Australia’s top content marketing and SEO agencies.

He also runs angusporter.com; a wedding photography and videography business and has been doing so since 2009.

Combining his professional experience as a wedding photographer and professional insights from his day job, he has written a 7,000 word complete SEO guide for wedding photographers.

His thoughts on running a small business, marketing, and photography have been published in Peta Pixel, SourceBottle, Photography Spark, Smart Insights, and Business.com.

When not at work or thinking about work or thinking about thinking about work, Dan is a home-cook and a house husband.

He cannot refuse an Espresso Martini – mostly because he cannot go without caffeine.

Connect with Dan via LinkedIn.

PS – If you have a solution for migraines, Dan would love to chat!

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