Honest SEO That’s Effective

I help businesses gain visibility in the SERPs for keywords that result in revenue.

What I do

“From technical SEO, on-page optimization, content creation, to off-page SEO – I do whatever is necessary to get your website and its pages in front of the right audience.

How long does it take?

It depends.

It is important to remember that the SERPs are changing every single day.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to SEO but I will identify what must be done to help you achieve your business goals.

Generally speaking, you will be able to see early indicators of success within the 3-5 months of the campaign.

How I’ll work with you

It’s all about transparency

1. Complete the onboarding process

Tell me what your goals are and I’ll assess how feasible they are to achieve. What does success look like within 3 months, 9 months, and 18 months?

2. Identify priorities and agree on pricing

You’ll have an understanding of your campaign and how much investment will be required to achieve your desired goals.

3. Stay in-the-know at all times

Receive regular insights derived from analysis of your traffic and user behaviour.

4. Gain traffic, authority and conversions

After 12-24 months, be in a position where you can reduce your SEO spend because we’ve achieved our initial goals.

About Daniel K Cheung

Daniel is an SEO specialist overseeing digital strategy, content architecture, and link building for small to enterprise-level clients. His insights have been featured in American Express, Business.com, CEO Blog Nation, Databox, and Petapixel.

As a fellow business owner, he understands the pressures of running a business. His communication is direct and his ability to empathize gives him a competitive edge.

And as you can tell, he likes (photographing) his LEGO.

My strengths

“Hugely data-driven, I find out why you’re not ranking and how we can fix it. Not only am I effective at getting results for my clients, they never feel out-of-the-loop.”

98.61% Actionable SEO Insights

There’s no shortage of high-level discussions on ‘marketing’ advice on the Internet. Let Daniel demonstrate his SEO expertise by sharing the exact methodology he uses to get his clients results.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a service-based freelance SEO business Daniel K Cheung does not have a physical office. The bulk of my client interactions are done via the phone, emails and in-person meetings.

I am based in Kensington which is 5kms outside of Sydney CBD.

SEO campaigns vary due to many factors (goals and timeline). You can find some indicative pricing from my SEO Services page.

Request a chat with me if you have a marketing budget of at least $18,000 per annum. (preferably $25,000 – $42,000).

Every project is different as there are many variables at play. For example, older websites may have more pages to audit and issues to fix. This will push out the timeline as it will require considerable time to analyze and optimise.

Similarly, a brand new website may also take considerable time to achieve results. This is because a brand new website lacks authority and trust. I will need to carry out keyword research, map out content and site architecture based on the keyword research, then create content for each page. Depending on your budget, this may take anywhere from 3 months to 9 months.

Typically speaking, I can show you early indicators of progress within 4-5 months.

Take a look at my SEO case studies to get a better idea of what you can expect from me.

Yes – I can provide you with a one-off audit and optimisation of your Google My Business profile or provide ongoing support to help your GMB rank higher in the map pack for high-converting local SEO keywords.

If you’re interested in local SEO, you should check out my ‘How to rank GMB’ guide.

I do not offer GMB optimisation for ‘virtual’ locations.

Most SEO campaigns should have an element of link building. This is because ranking websites tend to have links from relevant websites.

Depending on your budget, goals, and timeline, there will be an element of link building in your project. I may achieve this through digital PR, guest posts, and reaching out to website owners and writers.

Find out more about my ‘better than average’ and ‘the good sh*t’ link building services.

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