Technical SEO As A Service

I help businesses gain visibility in the SERPs for keywords that result in revenue.

There’s no point jumping into content planning and link building if Google has difficult discovering the content on your website. It should be one of the first things you should carry out.

The goal of a technical SEO audit is to identify all possible crawling, rendering and indexing issues. Some issues will be low priority while some will require immediate attention (e.g., improper application of noindex meta tag on critical pages).

Similarly, some solutions will be more complex than others.

For example, a popular WordPress pagebuilder WP Bakery loads content via JavaScript. When JS is disabled, search engines are unable to see the content and the internal links on the page. This creates a situation where Google and other search engine bots are unable to render the content on the page. This is bad and the recommended solution will be to use a different pagebuilder. However, doing so will require significant resources.

I recommend starting off any campaign with a technical SEO audit, especially for eCommerce businesses that have a large number of products (in stock or otherwise).


Preliminary technical SEO sweep

Recommended for smaller websites, the preliminary technical SEO sweep looks for 5-10 common issues. You will receive a summary of findings and corresponding solutions.

If your preliminary audit comes back with many failed checks, I highly recommend proceeding with the complete technical SEO audit. However, if the preliminary audit reveals minor issues only, a full audit is probably not necessarily.

Complete technical SEO audit

Discover what is preventing your website from being discovered and indexed by Google and other search engines. The complete technical SEO audit involves over 90 manual checks and you will receive a summary table of findings and solutions to every issue found.
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