How To Insert Clickable Links Into FAQPage Schema

When SEOs began realising that FAQPage schema could help their client websites take up more SERP real estate, FAQPage schema started popping up for many commercial keywords.

FAQPage schema is pretty rad – just look how this particular organic search results stands out from the rest. How much more likely would a bride/groom who is looking for wedding venue information want to click on compared to the other results?

And that is the whole purpose of having rich results show in the SERP – it can be a competitive advantage (especially if you’re ranking in the lower half of the SERP).

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If you’re a smart marketer, you will use a series of questions and answers that attract the user to click on the dropdown toggles. But doing so will only give them an answer – it does not get them to visit your web page.

This is why you want to include a link in the answer portion of your FAQ schema.

Wedding dress website has done exactly this (see below).

See how when a user clicks on the dropdown, the answer box has a clickable link to a page on the website?

Pretty cool in my humble opinion. Pretty cool.

This is what you are going to learn to implement today.

PS – doesn’t use JSON-LD for its structured data implementation. You can verify this by copying and pasting their URL into Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Looking at their page source, they use microdata markup.

Common FAQPage Schema Issues

Why won’t a hyperlink show up in my FAQ rich snippet?

Probably to do with the formatting of the <a> tag.

What is the difference between JSON-LD and microdata?

Microdata and JSON-LD are two different methods to mark up your data using the same vocabulary. Microdata is based on HTML properties to define each item type through the use of associated attributes.

JSON-LD is JavaScript based.

Does Google prefer JSON-LD or microdata?

Google prefers JSON-LD.

Since both markup methods work, just be sure to having only either one or the other, not both.

Why won’t FAQ schema show up for my page?

Even if you have the correct markup on your page there is no guarantee that rich results will display in the SERPs. Here are the 2 most common reasons why FAQPage schema does not show:

  • It’s a homepage: to date, I have never see rich results display for homepage results. FAQ schema seems to only display for internal pages.
  • The same data in the structured markup is not visible on-page: there used to be a a few months in 2019 where one could trick Googlebot with the JSON-LD code itself (i.e., without having the same questions and answers displayed on the page’s content). Those days are gone. If you want rich results to show up for your internal page, you have to ensure that the content matches with the structured data markup.

And even if you do everything right, Google may decide to not show its users your hard work.

How To (Easily) Insert Clickable Links Into FAQPage Scheme

I advise against installing a plugin on your website to generate FAQPage schema. There’s no need for that. Instead, you can use one of many free online schema generators.

This one by is one I have been using for months.

Saijo George has a handy JSON-LD schema generator as well. This works flawless too.

Create your question and answers as you normally would. When you get to the part where you want to link to a web page (this can be the target page or another page on your website), you will discover that the following format:

<a href=””>your anchor text</a>

does not work.

You will encounter the above error when testing in Google’s SDTT.

The correct format to insert a clickable hyperlink in your FAQ schema is this:

<a href=\\\“\\\”>your anchor text</a>

The triple backslashes (\\\) that wrap the URL is what makes it work.

Secondly, insert the backslash version in the actual JSON-LD output. That is, you will manually have to insert these “\” into the actual script. If you put them into a schema generator, it will not work.

As you can see from the attached GIF, I have used to generate my questions and answers. I then verify this in Google’s SDTT. This is where I manually alter the <a href> tag to include the backslashes.

HOORAY! Success.

I’m not a coder so I have no idea why this is the case. Perhaps someone can enlighten me in the comments below.

Let me know how you go 🙂

4 thoughts on “How To Insert Clickable Links Into FAQPage Schema”

  1. Hi Dan,
    Do you mind telling where to insert the code inside the script? Is it right after “acceptedAnswer”: { ? Your gif is a bit blurry.

  2. Hi daniel, i’m having a bit of trouble with putting my link in the faq schema. For some reason, when I test it out, it came out as ERROR. Was wondering if you could check it if i put it in properly? Thank you in advance!

    1. Send me an email danielkcheungatgmaildotcom with the actual questions and answers. I’ll format the entire thing with bullet list AND links 🙂

      I don’t know about the nofollow and ugc tags though.

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