5 Effective Link Building Strategies That Still Work

Here’s the thing – no one needs 19 link building strategies because no one has time to carry out 19 link building schemes.

In my opinion, link building is not difficult per se and the theory behind getting a link remains unchanged. That is, web page A will link out to web page B if web page B can provide something of interest or value to the readers of web page A.

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How To Insert HTML Links Into FAQPage Schema

Q: Can answers in FAQ schema have clickable hyperlinks in its content?

A: You sure can!

You may have noticed more FAQPage schema rich results in the SERPs.

In this blog post I will show you how you can include a clickable link in answer section of FAQ schema.

How To Add FAQ Schema To A Squarespace Site

As of June 2019, FAQPage schema now shows up in Google search engine result pages as a rich result for eligible searches.

What does this mean for you?

You can now use this tactic to improve CTR to your web page.

In this howto guide, you will learn the steps necessary to generate FAQPage schema and insert it into your Squarespace site. I will also show you how to validate that the structured data is error-free.

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WordPress Vs Squarespace: Why WordPress Is Better For SEO

If there is one thing that Squarespace does well, it is its marketing.

I consume a fair bit of YouTube content. As such, I come across many channels that are sponsored by Squarespace. The NYC SaaS has their marketing figured out.

Specific to search engine visibility, how does Squarespace websites perform compared to WordPress sites? Looking at SEO features (built-in or via external plugins), page speed, image SEO, and link building, WordPress comes out on top.

Read on to find out why I choose WordPress over Squarespace for SEO 10/10 times.

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