About Daniel K Cheung

danielkcheung.com offers honest SEO that produces results with Daniel being the digital nerd behind the business.

Daniel is a full-time employee of Prosperity Media; one of Australia’s top content marketing and search engine optimisation agencies.

As a Senior SEO Analyst and Team Lead, he is proficient in:

  • keyword-oriented site architecture
  • structured data
  • on-page SEO analysis, implementation and measurement
  • Google My Business optimization
  • digital PR
  • finding seed sites for backlinks
  • client communications
  • making the complex seem simple

Starting as a SEO junior, Daniel quickly demonstrated his ability to learn and adapt quickly. Within 9-months, he was responsible for many client-facing accounts.

In April 2020, Daniel was invited to present at SEO Meetup Melbourne on HARO link-building. This presentation on digital PR was streamed live on YouTube.

His presentation can be viewed on YouTube.

He wasn’t always in Digital. In fact, after high school Daniel trained to become a speech pathologist at the University of Sydney. But after 6-years failing to obtain a 4-year degree, he got out with a Bachelors of Health Science.

After 3.5 years working his way up in a private institution, it was time to move on.

He started his first business, a wedding photography business.

He ran this for 9 years and became one of the best and sought-after Asian wedding photographers in Sydney & Melbourne. At stage, he had 5 staff working for him and a storefront in Ultimo, NSW.

During this time, Daniel almost completed a MBA at the University of Technology, Sydney. Due to a number of reasons, he decided it was not worthwhile to invest another 6-months into completing the Masters of Business Administration and cashed out with a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Failing is a reoccurring theme and it is a story Daniel is not ashamed to tell.

His thoughts on running a small business, marketing, and photography have been published in Peta Pixel, SourceBottle, Photography Spark, Smart Insights, and Business.com.

He has landed his clients mentions on high authority media outlets such as American Express, Bustle, and Best Life Online.

Outside of agency work, Daniel works for a very small number of private clients and has achieved and maintained page-one visibility for a range of lucrative keywords as freelance SEO consultant.

You can find out more about his methods and results via his case studies.

Daniel also produces the Make SEO Simple Again YouTube channel where he breaks down complex search engine marketing concepts into easy-to-follow and actionable tips.

If you’re a business owner who either wants to learn to do SEO for yourself or get a grasp of the basics so that you can hire the right agency or SEO freelancer, you should definitely subscribe to the channel.

Plus, storytelling is something he loves doing and Make SEO Simple Again – the podcast, dives into the personal journeys of people who work on the front-lines of Digital.

More recently, Daniel is creating a spin-off podcast called ‘Agency Problem’.

He cannot refuse an Espresso Martini – mostly because he cannot go without caffeine.

Connect with Daniel via LinkedIn or Twitter.

And if you want to download his whacky LEGO photography, head on over to his Unsplash profile where you can get access to all of his high resolution library for free.

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