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The job brief

When I sat down with Eva and Tim initially, they communicated to me that they wanted a chilled and fun day. They wanted a wedding photographer who wouldn’t take over the day. They wanted photos that would reflect the fun that they would have with friends and family.

“For us, the wedding day is not just about the two of us.” – they explained to me.

“I mean, we definitely want amazing photos of ourselves and that is why we have come to you, but we don’t want our wedding day to be about the photos. We want to enjoy ourselves and be able to look back and see our friends and family have a good time. This is very important to us.”

Something I have come to understand after working with 200+ couples is that no single wedding is ever the same. Many share similarities such as locations and themes, but every couple and their needs are unique.

I wanted to give Eva and Tim something beyond the typical wedding photos of kisses and hugs. I wanted to reflect the joy, the loudness and the quietness of the wedding day,and of the people that they chose to surround themselves on this special day.

view of watsons bay boutique hotel from the water

Getting ready

At our initial consult, Eva and Tim expressed their desire to have fun on their wedding day. They did not want to have to wake up early, spend hours traveling from one spot to another, and above all else, they wanted their friends and family to enjoy the day as much as they would.

This is why they chose to hire out a few rooms at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel so that family could check-in the day before and retire to their accommodation upstairs after a night of dancing and partying.

Eva and Tim’s day started late in the morning. They got ready in their respective bridal suites, complete with champagne, beers, and room service.

I found the boys having breakfast at the Beach Club. They were still in board shorts. With plenty of time and knowing that the wedding ceremony was literally a few minutes away by car, I let the boys enjoy their late breakfast and went in search of Eva.

I found them in their bridal suite, in matching robes.

brides puts on her v-line wedding dress in the bridal suite at watsons bay boutique hotel eva's mum helps do the finishing touchs on the bride's dress bride and bridesmaids cheers champagn flutes outside their watsons bay boutique hotel bridal suite on the morning of the wedding eva and her bridesmaids all dressed and ready to go to the wedding ceremony location

I have to admit, getting ready at the same place makes life a lot easier. All I had to do was walk from one end of the hall to the other!

Because of this, there was no need to stage moments (because, I hate to break it to you but most getting ready photos that you will come across are staged).

Instead, I simply walked from one room to the other to see what was happening and seamlessly capture the getting ready part of their wedding day. This allowed me to capture moments shared between Tim and his boys and Eva and his girls that would have been otherwise impossible to catch.

groom gets ready in the bridal suite at watsons bay boutique hotel gifts prepared for the groomsmen tim's groomsmen open their gifts in the bridal suite groom's mum does some last minute ironing while father of the groom chills on the lounge groomsman looks out an open window at watsons bay boutique hotel groom gets ready in his hotel room at watsons bay boutique hotel | black and white getting ready photos

The flowers

This is the moment Eva’s wedding florist, Merrin Grace floral design, delivered the wedding bouquets.

the bride's florist personally delivers her with her wedding flowers at the hotel central coast florist merrin grace floral design delivers fresh bouquets to bride at watsons bay boutique hotel merrin grace shows the bride her wedding bouquet in her hotel room on the morning of the weddingwedding bouquet by merringrace floral design

What a stunning arrangement!

Now you can understand why Eva reacted the way that she did when she first saw them. flat lay image of wedding bouquet by merrin grace floral design

And yes, those are serious storm clouds in the background. More about those later on ..

The wedding

Eva and Tim chose a nearby church within walking distance from Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel – The Catholic Parish of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

For many couples, the wedding ceremony is the most significant part of their wedding day. But it’s not just about photographing the couple as they’re wed. It’s the ability to help them fill in the gaps, especially for the bride because unlike the groom who usually arrives earlier to greet family and friends, the bride doesn’t share that luxury.

“I remember arriving outside the church and standing outside for a few minutes.” – Eva recalls.

“Then it’s pretty much walk inside, walk down the aisle, and before I knew it, it was all over. I don’t remember seeing anyone in particular or noticing the church itself. It wasn’t until I saw our wedding photos that I was able to see what had happened.”

My job as their wedding photographer was to notice the things they may have missed.

groom shows nerves as he holds his hands before his bride arrives grandma gives tim a hug and kiss groom waits for bride to arrive at the catholic parish of our lady star of the sea

The rain

I’ve always told couples that rain is not the issue. The biggest problem is the wind. Rain I can work around, wind, not so much ..

Remember those dark storm clouds from earlier? Well, during the course of their wedding ceremony and family photos, the rain clouds reached Watsons Bay. And when it came down, it came down hard.

Rain is one of those things that nobody wishes upon on their wedding day. Luckily for me, Eva was the type of person who could find amusement in almost anything – even during a downpour on her wedding day. So we rolled with it! As a result, some of these image are among my favourite.

The room

The wedding ceremony may be the most significant part of the wedding day but for most marrying couples, the reception venue and/or space is probably the top priority when planning a wedding.

Ambiance, location, comfort, and menu are all important factors to consider because you want your guests to have an enjoyable evening.

Eva and Tim chose Sunset Room at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel because it had the right vibe, was centrally located, and the view of the waterfront was second to none.

We did some portraits before reception

Eva + Tim’s reception at Sunset Room

Wedding receptions often get a bad rap for being long and boring – but that’s just not so! I find wedding receptions to be the most fun part of the entire wedding day. It is a time when the bride and groom can finally let their hair down, spend time with their friends, share laughs, instead of being in the spotlight.

Just like the wedding ceremony, most interactions during the reception are easily forgotten in the haze of non-stop action of the day/night and this is where the value of wedding photos is demonstrated once more.

We caught sunset (just in time) and it was amazing

During the speeches, each second that passed made me just a little bit more anxious as through the windows, I could see the makings of a stunning sunset.

I was genuinely stressing out a bit.

But after speeches by Eva’s father, Tim’s father, Eva’s sister who was the maid of honour and Tim’s best man, I caught a break! And without any hesitation, I pulled Eva and Tim aside and took them outside.

The reception (cont.)

Closing remarks

We had sunshine, we had rain, we had laughter, hugs and tears. We had it all.

Tim says, “Dan is the man .. literally .. he’s a very relaxed photographer who’ll always get the perfect shots at the right time .. such a nice guy and at such a good price. We asked for a lot of natural photos and Dan grabbed our wedding day perfectly and we wouldn’t change a thing .. thanks mate.”

Eva says, “Dan’s work is truly amazing. He captured every precious moment just the way we wanted. We are so happy with all our photos and very thankful we found Dan.”