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Initially, Tara was concerned that her braces would show in her photos. But there was no way she could wait for them to be removed and be able to enjoy the autumn colours in Canberra.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t smile in the photos!” –  she said in her email.

Reassuring her that she would look fine and that her braces were a part of who she was at the time, I redirected her attention to why we were doing all this; why they were getting dressed up, driving 2.5 hours south to Canberra, and spending half a day with me.

“It’s not just about the photos – albeit, they will be amazing.” – I say.

“For most couples like yourselves, you have been meticulously planning your wedding for quite some time now. Inevitably, this attention has caused no little amount of stress and you two have probably had a fight or two over the smallest of things. What this engagement session represents is an opportunity for you and Jean Pierre to focus on each other – to block out everything to do with the wedding and to quite simply, have a great time together.”

I meant every word that I said and still do to this day, almost 7 years later.