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Ovvio premium organic teas has been in cafes for years. You may have noticed its signature tins on the shelves of your favourite wholefoods cafes.

Founded by Anthia Koullouros, the launch of the Ovvio store in Paddington combines Anthia’s love for naturopathic philosophy and practice, sustainability, and organic tea. Inspired by a recent visit to Paris, Anthia had a vision to take sustainability one further step – a refill tea bar where customers could pop in and replenish their favourite teas in a reusable tin or in a 100% compostable pre-packaged bag.

The job brief, like most job briefs was simple enough – capture the essence of the store interior, feature key products in images, and to cover the launch of the new concept store. But like all on-site assignments, challenges come in many shapes and forms. Part of my job is to overcome these challenges (limited timing, small space etc), as seamless as possible, and produce the promised deliverables.

About the client: Founded by Anthia Koullouros, a naturopath, herbalist, author and educator, Ovvio Organics combined her passion of naturopathic philosophy and practice with a range of premium organic teas. The Ovvio Refill Bar can be found at 1A Glenmore Rd, Paddington NSW 2021 (closed Sundays and Mondays).