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A premium yoga studio in Darlinghurst was undergoing new management.

The new owner of Be One Yoga wanted to update their marketing visuals to reflect their core values of being a judgement-free space. I was tasked to create images that could be used across social media channels and on their new website.

After sitting down with the owner to better understand the business goals, we agreed on producing a series of images that would help tell the Be One story visually.

I came to understand that one of the biggest hurdles to gaining new customers as a yoga studio is the fact that yoga can be very intimidating for a beginner. Even for someone who has practised yoga before, attending a new yoga studio, with an unfamiliar instructor in a new environment can be daunting. Therefore, for someone to make a commitment to enrol in a yoga class takes significant courage.

Thus, to combat this barrier, I set about to photographing the space itself to show it as a warm and inviting one; to give a prospective customer the comfort of stepping into unfamiliar territory and seeing a familiar scene.

The experience of yoga is both a physical one and one that, if you allow it, can give you a sense of clarity. But that is only one part of the experience equation. The setting and the yoga instructor also plays a significant role in shaping one’s experience.

In previous discussions with the business owner, we deliberated on how we could create images of ‘yoga in practice’.

“Beautiful people performing perfect poses ..” – this was the exact opposite of what Be One Yoga wanted to communicate.

“Yes, I want to show that our yoga teachers can do the poses because that is what they’re expected to be able to do, but not at the expense of alienating people who may be intimidated by the idea of having to be the typical Instagram yogi, having the perfect body performing the perfect pose, thus preventing them from taking the first step to giving yoga a serious go.” – Dom Nguyen told me in one meeting.

“As important as the actual pose is, we care more about the process of achieving the pose, whether it takes a one class or ten.”

Armed with this brief, I set about photographing the Be One yoga teachers.

At the end of the project, I delivered a series of images that were used in their email marketing campaigns, on their website, on their Facebook Page as well as across their Instagram feed, allowing Be One to reassure their existing customer base during the transition phase, engage with new and existing social media followers, and attract the attention of new visitors to the website to sign up for an introductory one-month pass.

About the client: Be One Yoga is a boutique yoga studio located at 20 Hargrave St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010. It is one of the few yoga studios in Sydney that offer hot yoga classes. Be One Yoga has the following philosophy, “A safe and inviting place for you to move your body, challenge your mind, and feel inspired to make a positive change in your life.”