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Hi, I’m Dan

I’m a firm believer that ‘people buy from people’.

It’s probably why you’re on this page right now – to get a sense of who I am so that you can make a gut decision whether or not to proceed.

For starters, I am a house husband. The wife goes out to work while I am the stay-at-home husband. This inevitably means that I look after the laundry, cleaning and cooking.

I fell into wedding photography by accident.
Yes, by accident. Back in 2009.

And once I had the initial taste, I was hooked.

Before I became a wedding photographer, I worked through to middle management at a small private firm. Unlike most other wedding photographers, I actually enjoyed my 9-5 because I was given autonomy to find and solve problems as I saw fit.

Between 2013-2015 saw me do a MBA with a major in finance. With one semester to go, I decided it wasn’t for me. The lifestyle of a wedding photographer was too difficult to give up. Plus, I actually enjoyed the work.

Before my corporate world stint, I studied Speech Pathology (USYD). This taught me the client-focused framework; something that is at the very core of the business present day.

By 2013, I had a reputation as being Sydney’s best modern Chinese/Vietnamese wedding photographer by producing images that kept both the marrying couple happy as well as the older generation. Because of my own upbringing as an Australian-Chinese, I have a unique way to capturing the moments during a wedding tea ceremony.

Eventually, my approach to photographing wedding tea ceremonies in a modern way caught the attention of HOORAY MAG, subsequently publishing a conceptual editorial a colleague of mine (Lilac of Upside Down Events) and I designed. This was a significant achievement for us as it was a positive step towards representation of Asian cultures in mainstream Australian media.

But I do more than just photograph weddings.

I also direct, produce, and edit wedding films.

For me, a still image removes too much of the context where as with motion picture, the journey for you as the audience is an entirely different experience.

Since I’m usually responsible for being the photographer, I hire cinema camera operators to carry out my vision before cutting and editing the individual wedding films myself.

Based on the above image, I was honoured to commission a unique piece of artwork featuring LEGO by a London-based firm.

I work closely with wedding stylists and florists to produce marketing visuals so that they can showcase not only the finished product but also demonstrate the value of what they do (as seen in the below video featuring Form Over Function at Bendooley Estate, Berrima NSW).

I like working with people who believe that ‘normal’ is not good enough; people bold enough to question the status quo, and people who understand the true value of visual storytelling.

If this sounds like you, we should have a chat.