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Wedding Photography For Modern Aussie Weddings

I can still remember photographing my first wedding back in 2010. I had successfully convinced a complete stranger on a Flickr forum to hire me as their wedding photographer in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He was a pharmacist, marring the sister of someone who happened to be my senior in high school.

I was so nervous. Mostly excited. But also very nervous.

Almost 9 years later, the excitement remains. The nerves, less so. Thankfully.

These days, I run a small (but trusted) team providing Sydney-based couples with the best wedding photography and video.

Intimate Elopements & Engagement Sessions

Exclusively for round pegs who have no desire to fit into a square hole, your intimate and private elopement demands a similar approach to the preservation of your memories: unobtrusive, with meaning, and unscripted.

I’m not a big believer of doing things simply because “it has always been done this way.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little selfish sometimes ..

Perhaps you feel the same way as I do.

Choose between thoughtful photography or purposeful filming. Or simply, choose both to enjoy the magic that stills and motion picture can bring to life.

Obsessed with Details?

*raises hand*
I am!

If you’re going to spend time and effort on perfecting every single detail that goes into your wedding, I’m sure that you want your effort reflected in your wedding memories.

As one of my favourite wedding planners and stylists says, “Imagine spending thousands on dollars on impeccable styling, wouldn’t you want a detailed record of it?”

Effective Marketing Visuals for the Modern Brand

I work with brands to help them effectively communicate with their stakeholders by creating visuals that capture attention.

Shall We Work Together?

My team can just about photograph anything but most people hire us to cover private events such as weddings and bat mizvahs / bar mitzvahs,

To get an indication on pricing, our availability, and/or to schedule a consultation, leave me some details and I’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days.